What should you know if you are traveling after giving birth?

Childbirth is simply giving birth. It’s a matter of having to deal with a lot of changes after being separated. We must think about our behavior. We must eat nutritious things. I have to get enough sleep and so on. All this is taken care of, both mother and child are healthy and I want to travel. How long should I wait to travel after giving birth ?

When traveling after giving birth

  • The postpartum period is the period of pregnancy, It’s time to rest the body that was tired during childbirth . You can’t just rest for a week. After a long time, you need to give your body a rest. Traveling is fun, but it can be stressful . The stress that comes in when you need to rest often has a small impact on the health of the mother.
  • milk , The issue of not going out is the mother’s state of mind. environmental conditions; Because it is related to food, there are still cases where milk does not come out due to travel.
  • A woman ‘s body still needs to heal after giving birth .

So , how soon after giving birth can you travel again?

If there are any complications of childbirth

  • Hemorrhage after childbirth . The stitches still hurt. because of high blood pressure If there are side effects such as diabetes, those who were born simply Those who have had a C-section should not travel yet. Also, if you travel, you will not be alone. You also need to know your child’s health conditions.

There are no side effects. If everyone is healthy

  • If you give birth normally, wait at least 2 weeks before traveling.
  • If you have a c-section, I would like you to wait at least 1 month.

What you should remember is that the time after giving birth is a time when you have to take care of both the baby and the mother, so wherever you go, Whatever you do, consult your doctors. Also, if you’re traveling because it’s convenient, follow what’s been said.

When preparing for your next trip

  • The nearest guesthouse to the hospital Book hotels in advance. That way, if an emergency happens, you can receive treatment as soon as possible.
  • Choose comfortable clothes.
  • Money in the suitcase In addition to registration, birth record Include all medical records.

Also during travel

  • without sitting all the time; Stand up once an hour. Do leg bends. If you travel by car, listen to the road every now and then. Standing up every now and then can help prevent blood clots that are common after giving birth.
  • Drink plenty of water . Don’t forget to drink plenty of water when traveling. I still need to breastfeed the baby .
  • Don’t eat the food you find. If I eat unclean things, I can get diarrhea and the child can get diarrhea.