How do men participate in family planning?

How will men be involved in family planning… Suddenly, it seems that family planning is only related to women. In fact, if you look at it, most of the very safe family planning methods are used by women only. pregnant It is women who give birth to children. But I want to talk about the need for men to participate in this matter as well.

How do men participate in family planning?

How will men participate in family planning?

1. Family planning methods that must involve men

Most birth control methods are only available to women, but there are some birth control methods that can be used by men. Especially with hormonal birth control methods, the skin will change. There are side effects such as weight gain, so some brides-to-be do not want to use it.

Beauty will be lost. In this case, there are birth control methods that men can use. As far as women’s methods are concerned, they are not as effective, but can be considered.

If condoms are for men, There are condoms for women, but what you can easily buy are male condoms. This method prevents pregnancy. It also prevents the transmission of sexually transmitted infections. It is a modern birth control method that should be used because it has no side effects.

If a woman wants to use this method, she needs a man’s cooperation. As a method of excreting semen Men also play an important role in such things as abstinence.

2. To respect women

Men’s role is also important when it comes to methods that only women need to use. A woman came to consult me. She said that the baby was only 2 months old because she was pregnant again.

I have a heart to say. Pregnancy must be avoided for at least 6 months after a miscarriage. Otherwise, it would be dangerous for both the baby and the mother, he replied. My husband is insisting.

This is very important in Burmese society where men are valued more than women. When will you have a baby? Men need to respect a woman’s personal decision about what family planning method to choose.

I don’t have a girl yet. Because she doesn’t have a boy yet, they force her to give birth until she does. You shouldn’t treat your wife like a baby-making machine. In other words, it’s a kind of gifting to your woman.

3. To encourage and comfort women

When using birth control methods, there are often some side effects. At this time, the man’s words of encouragement, Comforts are doctors, Similar to the teachers’ discussion, it helps the woman who is suffering feel psychologically safe.

For this reason (and accompany the woman when going to the clinic) I have studied the side effects of each family planning method. asked, We can advise you on which method is most suitable for your woman.

He did not come to the clinic saying that it was not his case, When you don’t study these things, you don’t know anything. So as soon as a woman experiences a slight side effect, you stop using these.

It will be a disease. So, as a woman, I don’t dare to continue using these. And then I get pregnant without wanting it. That’s why male participation is so important.

4. To help with family planning

As a man, you can also help the woman to use the birth control method she chooses correctly. If you are taking a daily medication card, reminding you not to take your medication. (Every time I go to sleep, I will fill a glass with water.

I will also bring a medicine card, and then I will personally apply medicine to the woman, romantic children can also do this), (3) Even if you are taking an injection every 3 months, reminding you to go to the clinic on the day the 3rd month completes. If you are struggling with sending children to pre-school, they help you around.

Also , in the wombIf you add it, normally this product will not cause any disturbance when you are together. However, after a period of time has passed, if you feel this item every time you are together, is it out of place? I can tell you if it came out, etc., and advise you to go to the clinic.

In fact, the man and woman of a family are like a pair of wings. No matter how strong the other side is, If one side is broken, you will not be able to travel. Therefore, both wings need to be able to go through life’s journey together while respecting each other and complementing each other’s talents.

As the saying goes, behind a successful man there is often a very good woman. Behind a successful woman is often a very good man. That’s why, as men, it’s really the most fundamental thing to build a happy family life, so take an active part in family planning and fill your partner with the best talents.