Don’t lose your fun trip because of indigestion

Since traveling , everyone wants to have a fun trip, right? I want to eat. I will see and enjoy natural beauty that I have never seen before. new place I will learn new cultural customs by myself. It is also relaxing, stress, Isn’t it natural for them to take a trip as a way to get away from the day’s work?

If people are new, they learn by themselves. I ate food I had never eaten before and got food poisoning . unclean food, They eat to fill their stomachs. What follows is an upset stomach, and when you should be happy, you end up spending time on the toilet instead of being happy. So, on the trip where you will enjoy your mind and body without indigestion , To prevent stomach aches and pains, I will tell you to avoid.

1. Do not eat on a full stomach.

If you see food that you have never eaten in a region you have never been to, you tend to eat it too much. When you eat a lot in one sitting, digestion slows down, and when your stomach has to work more, you don’t digest food. It happens more often. So eat only to fill your stomach. Don’t overeat.

2. Eat more fiber-rich foods.

Fiber makes digestion easier and prevents constipation. Just eat a little to fill you up, so you don’t overeat. I don’t think it’s a diet, but I’m going to eat vegetables with a lot of fiber in order to digest everything quickly. Don’t forget to eat more fruits.

3. Don’t forget to drink water.

When the body is dehydrated , it produces more toxins and causes constipation. It also hardens the stomach, so when traveling, it is difficult to find a toilet. So carry a bottle of water with you wherever you go. Drink small amounts of water at regular intervals. Do not drink water from unknown places. When the water is not clean, it can cause more diarrhea.

4. Be sure to choose cold drinks.

If you’re on a fun trip, is the cold inevitable? During normal times, sugar is high. Gases, They drink less because it’s not healthy, but they don’t care much at this time. While traveling, sometimes I drink nothing, but this caffeine, When you drink more sugary drinks than you need, it will cause indigestion and fill your stomach with air. If it is not appropriate, the wind will not break the belly, I need to be careful because it might be diarrhea.

5. Be sure to take care of the food you are going to eat.

This time is a good time to taste foods that you have never eaten before, but you can’t forget about your own health. So fried and fried with fat, Reduce the heat a little. 20 food is also clean, so street food, Avoid flies as much as possible.

6. Go to the toilet.

Because some of them are on a tourist bus, Because it is a public toilet, In a hotel room, sharing the same toilet with other strangers, they are reluctant to go to the toilet. Avoid this behavior as much as possible. I don’t think the side effects of using the toilet together are as bad as the side effects of holding back the urge to have a bowel movement. If you wait like this for a Fri time, you will feel sick. The wind will be blowing all of a sudden, Constipation You need to be careful that there may be diarrhea.

7. Wash your hands thoroughly.

Anywhere dirt, sand, There is dirt. So what’s up, After handling, wash your hands thoroughly with soap. before eating Wash your hands thoroughly after eating. If you are going to places where you cannot easily wash your hands, carry hand sanitizer .

8. Pre-add medication.

I am often bloated, Instead, I often get stomach ache, If you feel sick, you can easily buy small medicine cards and take them with you. It’s convenient because I don’t need to ask for medicine from others and take my own medicine.

If you carefully follow the 8 points just mentioned, you will be able to avoid the problem of stomach ache that happens to every traveler. Have a fun trip everyone.